Changing how you find your home

GoView was built out of frustration, finding buying homes a long process without any guidance

We combine years of property hunting experience with a simple to use online process that keeps you up to date at every stage of the journey to find your ideal home
Finding a home is one of the most exciting things that you can do, but excitement often comes with stress and challenges

GoView will take this away from you with no charge!

At GoView we have 3 main points that we hold ourselves accountable to. This is to ensure we give the best possible help and advice to those on their home searching journey


Be Honest

We always want to be as honest as possible to everyone that uses our service and that we work with.


Be respectful

We believe in treating everyone with respect and also being treated with respect in kind


Do good work

We believe in doing the best job we can for everyone that uses GoView

Meet the awesome team behind GoView. We’re bridging the gap between one of the world’s oldest and largest industry and a future where technology can be used to solve our hardest problems.

Daniel Parker

MD, Founder

Lets find your Home

GoView can do all the hard work for free. Let us know what type of home journey you are on.